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Initial CLI Setup For FortiOS or FortiGate

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

FortiGate is successful Next Generation Firewall which provides a lot of features for to day needs. The Forti family have products from WAN optimizer to APT sandbox. In this tutorial we will look how to setup FortiGate or FortiOS for the first time. We assume we have all ready downloaded and imported into VMware or similar virtualization platform.

Login From Console or CLI

First we need to login from cli. Because Forti do not have nay IP address specified and in order to access. So the default user name is admin  and default password is empty. We can just put enter to login cli.

Enter Interface Configuration Mode

In order to set IP address we should enter configuration mode. We can enter interface configuration mode with the following command.

1$ config system interface

Enter To The Management Interface

We will select the management interface to set IP address. In Fotinet the management interface is called mgmt and can be enter management interface config like below.

$ edit mgmt

Set Static IP Address

Now we will set IP address we want. In this example our IP address will Te default gateway will be We will use set ip  command like below.

$ set ip

Test Connectivity By Pinging Default Gateway

Now we can test out connectivity to the network. We will ping to the default gateway where we assume the default gateway response to our ping or ICMP packages. But we will first exit from interface configuration mode with end . After that we will use execute ping .

$ end $ execute ping

FortiGate Web Interface

Now we can use FortiGate web interface by using https  protocol. We will type our static IP address too. We will use same username admin  and empty password.



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