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Cyber Security

Did you know? 60% of attacks come from within the organisation. Whether malicious in nature or inadvertent, insider-caused security incidents can have major consequences, both financial and reputational.

We can help you to reduce this risk by:

  • Creating a response plan

  • Monitoring / reporting users & vendors activities

  • Focuing on critical assests

  • Implementing best practices

  • Educating employees

At Blazenet we have dedicated team of highly experienced Cyber Security Professionals.

Our Cyber Security services includes: 

  • Penetration Testing & Risk Assessments

  • Firewall / IPS / IDS Deployments

  • Email Security

  • Incident Response & Remediation

  • Vulnerability Management

  • SIEM Deployment and Management

  • Managed Endpoint Security

  • Managed Security Services

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